Renewable Energy

Capitalizing on the predicted growth of an emerging renewable energy sector also carries its own set of risks and intricacies. Having expert advice from Gregor Paterson-Jones consulting in regard to your renewable market entry, climate finance instruments or single transactions, can vastly reduce the risk of identified investment strategies. Gregor has been investing in the renewable energy space since the early 2000s, after working on Venture Capital listings, and strategy consulting in the financial services sector. He was also responsible for the conceptualization, structuring and finally listing of the worlds’ first carbon credit financial instrument in the early 2000s.


Subsequently, Gregor has also led teams of advisors as a principal investor in emerging markets such as South Africa REIPPP, Latin America and South East Asia, as well as developed markets in Europe. He’s also served as MD of the Green Investment Bank and as an advisor and IC member for inter alia, the UNCDF, Mergence, Dolma and UK Climate Investments. He also consulted for institutions such as the European Commission, the African Development Bank, the UN Capital Development Fund and a number of Sovereign Wealth Funds. Furthermore, he has invested as either a principal or an advisor for over 100 renewable energy, impact and venture transactions worldwide.  

Case Study

UNCDF UNDP Gambia Guarantee Instrument – The Gambia Solar

The presence of risk guarantee instruments and financing provided (based on analysis performed for the World Bank) has proved essential in attracting private equity and debt investment in large and small scale renewables in Africa. On the debt side, in particular, PRGs (Partial Risk Guarantees) mobilized loans from commercial banks at maturities and interest rates comparable to development lenders: these terms allowed a reduction of the required initial tariff of at least 7% and up to 60%. This project involves the structuring of a liquidity support and termination event guarantee product to enhance the bankability for successful bidders on The Gambia’s solar projects, in conjunction with the UNCDF and UNDP.


Dr Arunabha Ghosh - CEO, CEEW - 'Gregor's insights have helped us better understand renewable energy markets in other emerging economies. We also thank him for his contribution to the CEEW Renewable Energy Dialogue 2018.'

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Interested in finding
out more about Gregor’s services?


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