Gregor Paterson-Jones recently attended and spoke at the very first African Blue Economy Forum (#ABEF) in London and was interviewed about why this topic is such an important part of the African Union’s Agenda 2063. Here he addresses some of the critical questions around this topic and why “blue” is the new “green”.

What is the blue economy? Find out how Gregor defines this new theme in light of his work with the European Commission.

Why has the blue economy taken so long to come to our attention? Gregor analyses the rising concern for the oceans on a global scale and why this is on the rise. From the outlawing of single-use plastics to challenging individuals.

Why do you think the blue economy is important to Africa? Gregor explores why Africa should be focussing on its maritime economy and the technology required to provide renewable energy. These differ from those used in many developed countries.

What are the key takeaways from the #ABEF event today? Gregor talks about why it’s important for government and private sectors to start participating in the blue economy discussions and how events like this are key in pushing this forward.

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