In Renewable Energy Investment, Development Finance Fund Structuring, Economic Growth


In Renewable Energy Investment, Development Finance, Fund Structuring, Economic Growth

Meet Gregor Paterson-Jones

With over 23 years of investment banking and asset management experience, Gregor Paterson-Jones is a well-respected, expert advisor to Development Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Governments and Private Sector Funds from all over the world. 


From Renewable Energy Finance to Investment Structure Strategies and Establishment, or even Market Intelligence and Risk Management, he has considerable experience and expertise to offer your business or organisation. Gregor has assisted institutions in meeting their sustainable development goals with assistance in fund structuring and innovation in a number of sectors, spanning several continents including Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East. 

Renewable Energy Investment

Fund Structuring

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Looking to hire a powerful public speaker but don’t know where to begin? Gregor Paterson-Jones regularly speaks to international audiences on impact and renewable energy investment, development funding and financial structures that support these investments. 

Where in the world?

Gregor consults globally in both developed and emerging markets, with past and current consulting project transaction locations in almost a hundred different countries. View more on the globe below.

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Clients & Partners

Gregor Paterson-Jones helps the public sector understands the needs of the private sector. He also helps private sector enterprises navigate the world of public funding and assists project developers and SMEs to do both. Particularly in renewable energy, investment banking and asset management. He’s also worked with some the world’s largest and most recognisable brands across the globe, while also having a passion for SME fund innovation and development finance. 

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Gregor Paterson-Jones is a respected, independent expert and consultant across a variety of fields that can benefit almost any enterprise, from SMEs to large corporates and even national governments or NGOs.

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